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How Do I Join Rotary? 

Rotary is a little different from the usual service clubs in that it is a fellowship formed for the purpose of providing service.  What this means is that the fellowship aspect of any Rotary club is the key to its success.  As a result, we encourage people who are interested in Rotary to express their interest to a Rotarian of their acquaintance.  The Rotarian can then invite them to a few meetings as his/her guest in order for the club members and the interested person to get to know each other.  If there is a fit, the person can be invited to become a member, but this invitation is not automatic.
One way to get to know Rotarians, if you don't already know any, is to join our Rotary Community Corps, which is a newly-formed associate body of non-Rotarians who wish to serve, but aren't too sure about meeting the attendance and expense obligations of being a full-time Rotarian without experiencing the service part first.  Rotary Community Corps members work alongside Rotarians to accomplish service goals, and the Community Corps is a good way to get to know Rotary and its ideals before committing fully to Rotary fellowship.
If you still have questions after reading the above,
please don't hesitate to email our Membership Chair at membership@rotarybelize.org for more information.
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