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History of The Rotary Club of Belize

Belize Rotary ClubThe Rotary Club of Belize was chartered on 7th July 1957. Eleven founding members were inducted on that date by District Governor Jimmy Butler of Panama, and our sponsoring club was the Rotary Club of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Today, having completed 50 years of service, we have a diverse, energetic membership of almost 60 members.

The Rotary Clubs in Belize are part of Rotary District 4250, comprising Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. Our club is the oldest club in Belize, but not the only one. The Rotary Clubs of Belize Sunrise, Belmopan, Corozal, Dangriga, Orange Walk, Placencia, and San Ignacio are the other seven clubs distributed throughout the country. All eight clubs take pride in serving their communities and their country through club projects and vocational commitments by their individual members. The Rotary Club of Belize has the honour of having had two of its members serve as District Governor: John Searle (1999-2000) and Salvador “Junior” Espat (2004-2005, Rotary International’s Centennial Year). Our third Belizean District Governor Nominee (2009-2010), Dr. Marcelo Coyi, is also a member of our club.
1957/58Joe Crocy1976/77Urban Faria1995/96Abel Lopez
1958/ 59Russel S. Grant1977/78Paul Hunt1996/97Ernesto Vasquez
1959/60Tom Tattersfield1978/79Salvador Espat1997/98Dr. Marcelo Coyi
1960/61Mike Hoare1979/80Larry Cain1998/99Tony Flynn
1961/62Charnock Wilson1980/81Fr. Herbert Panton1999/00Yolanda Crombie
1962/63N. Lewis1981/82Johnny Searle2000/01Adrian Roe
1963/64W. Ford Young1982/83Paul Hunt2001/02Philip Zuniga
1964/65Tony Frith 1983/84David Heredia2002/03Kay Menzies

Eric Bowen1984/85Mike Williams2003/04Rene Villanueva
1965/66Lee Anderson1985/86Leo Vasquez2004/05Alberto Young
Roberto Stanley2005/06Sandra McKay
1967/68Benny Feinstein1986/87Francis Castillo2006/07Ariel Mitchell
1968/69Edgar "Bally" Gegg1987/88Jose Matus2007/08Sandra Bedran
1969/70Gordon Roe1988/89Ernesto Vasquez2008/09Ellison Flowers
1970/71Eugene Robinson1989/90Doug Erskine2009/10Yvette Burks
1971/72Johnny Searle1990/91Arsenio Burgos2010/11Maria Price
1972/73Ros Chlup1991/92John Woods2011/12Francis Woods
1973/74Salvador Espat1992/93Robert Usher2012/13Maria Coyi
1974/75John Crump1993/94Christopher Roe2013/14
Lynn Young
1975/76Jock Hunter1994/95Kent Mcfield2014/15
Errol A. Robateau
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