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About The Rotary Club of Belize
Throughout its 50 years of active life, the Rotary Club of Belize has completed numerous projects in all walks of life, beginning with the construction of the Stella Maris School, Belize's only school for the handicapped, to the foundation of the BERT Ambulance Service, to the establishment of Crime Stoppers in Belize, a countrywide service that enables witnesses of a crime to make anonymous reports via a toll-free 800 number.

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Other projects we have completed include:
  • Establishment of the Gift of Life program which provides surgery for children born with congenital heart disease. Gift of Life has been active for almost 30 years and helps approximately 13 children per year.
  • Reconstruction of the Emergency Room at the Old Belize City Hospital which included operating and emergency rooms
  • Donation of a van to the Mercy Clinic
  • Donation of two airplanes used for air ambulance service by BERT
  • Donation of a 4-wheel drive ambulance to the Belize Emergency Response Team which allows BERT to reach the rural villages
  • Donation of a fire engine to the National Fire Service
  • Donation of school furniture to several outlying schools
  • Construction of the Rotary Learning Center at the Kolbe Foundation to support the prison's rehabilitation program
  • Production of two movies, "Choices" and "Risking it All," featuring an all Belizean cast to provide HIV/AIDS awareness and education.
  • Completion of the Dorothy Menzies Childcare Center Activity House
  • Delivery of more than 1400 wheelchairs to adults and children in need countrywide.
  • Provision of quarterly Endoscopic Clinics to those who need this type of medical service
  • Construction, in partnership with Hand In Hand Ministries, of two homes for impoverished families in the poorest areas of Belize City.
  • Many other projects, large and small, which have benefited the Belizean community.
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